Jonathan Banks And Sophia Bush On For Incredibles 2

Jonathan Banks and Sophia Bush

by James White |
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While director Brad Bird prefers to keep his cards close when it comes to dishing out information about his Incredibles films, some new details for the long-awaited sequel have emerged. Chief among them is the fact that Jonathan Banks and Sophia Bush are joining the voice cast.

And that's not all; not only do we now know what those two will be playing in the film, we have information about other recent hires, who join returning voices Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Sarah Vowell (Violet), Huck Milner (taking over the role of Dash), Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone) and baby Jack-Jack. Bird is also bringing back his super-suit specialist Edna Mode, so hide those capes!

Banks is set as Rick Dicker, who runs a government organisation that helps the family keep their identities secret in a Super Relocation Program – or at least he does until it's closed and they have to fend for themselves. Bush, meanwhile, will be Voyd, a young fan of Elastigirl with superhero aspirations and the power to create voids.

Bob Odenkirk, Banks' Better Call Saul cast mate, is also aboard, playing Winston Deavor, the wealthy boss of a telecoms company that claims he wants to help heroes re-emerge in the public eye by changing the public perception of him. He runs the business with his sister Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener), a tech genius. And then there's Isabella Rossellini as an ambassador. The story, which takes up just after the original film, finds Elastigirl in the spotlight with Bob taking on more family duties – that is, until a new villain emerges...

Incredibles 2 will be out in the US on 15 June and hits the UK on 13 July.

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