Jonah Hill Wielding Pitchfork?

Possible Team Cyrus reunion

Jonah Hill Wielding Pitchfork?

by Owen Williams |
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Not nearly enough people saw Cyrus, last year's brilliant deadpan 'indie' comedy starring John C Reilly, Catherine Keener, Marisa Tomei and Jonah Hill. But those that did ought to be excited to hear that creative team Mark and Jay Duplass may soon be reuniting with Hill for **Pitchfork.

Cyrus was the first high-profile gig for the writer/director brothers, known for so-called 'mumblecore' festival favourites The Puffy Chair and Baghead. Like their upcoming Jeff Who Lives at Home, it revolved around a guy with a weirdly-close relationship with his mother, and Pitchfork looks to continue that loose formula, in that's it's a story about the mom of an indie rocker who starts seeking out the interbloggers who've been badmouthing him on the web.

Hill's role would be as the primary focus of Mom's ire, and for Mom herself, said to be a meaty role, the Duplass Brothers are apparently keen on Susan Sarandon.

On paper it's sounding superficially like John Waters' Serial Mom crossed with that blogger-attack-travelogue montage from the end of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. But given the brothers' previous form, it won't be like either of those things at all...

It's early days for the project yet, since the script has only started doing the studio rounds in the last few days. Jeff Who Lives at Home, starring Ed Helms and Jason Segal, awaits a release date.

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