Jon Heder Meets Buddy Holly

Who Is Alive And Well On Ganymede

Jon Heder Meets Buddy Holly

by Helen O'Hara |
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We thought that these two stories yesterday were kinda weird, but Hollywood has outdone itself today: Jon Heder is starring in Buddy Holly Is Alive And Well On Ganymede, a new sci-fi comedy.

Based on the novel by Bradley Denton, the story kicks off with a mysterious TV broadcast of Buddy Holly, who claims to be alive and well and living on Ganymede. He names Oliver Vale (Heder), an ordinary geek, as the guy who'll explain the whole thing - only Vale has no idea what's going on, as he finds himself pursued by angry aliens in disguise, a robot dog, an assassin, a motorcycle gang and a televangelist. Shudder: televangelists are scary.

The whole thing's being written and directed by Robert Rugan, who previously made the short film Deadly Squids From Beyond Saturn and the feature-length Alice's Misadventures In Wonderland. Clearly, the guy picks his projects on the basis of ace titles, and we suppose there are worse ways to go about it.

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