Joker 2: Lady Gaga In Early Talks To Join The Film (And It’s Reportedly A Musical)

Lady Gaga

by James White |
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Despite the presence of music in Todd Phillips' 2018 DC pic Joker (the steps dancing scene quickly moved to pop culture meme-town), we're not sure we would have called the sequel becoming a musical. Ditto the idea that Lady Gaga might be entertaining an offer to co-star opposite Joaquin Phoenix. Yet both are apparently true, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Let's look at the Gaga side of things first – she's not yet committed to the movie, but is in the midst of making a deal to play... well, if the Reporter's sources are accurate, Harley Quinn. Obviously, given that Joker isn't connected to the wider DC Extended Universe, this will be a different Harley from Margot Robbie's, but the potential is fascinating.

Especially since Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver (they're both back for the sequel) played with some notable Batman characters in the first film, not the least of which a young Bruce Wayne.

And then... a musical? Unexpected, but you know you want to see how that idea works. Phillips posted the script cover to social media last week, revealing a working title of Joker: Folie à Deux, with the subtitle referring to a mental disorder affecting two or more people. And, as we saw in the original film, Fleck's influence certainly starts to spread.

Phillips had our curiosity so far. But now, he has our attention. Assuming it all comes together – and Phoenix is apparently also figuring out his own deal to return, this is certainly no bland sequel concept.

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