Join The Death Race

Jason Statham smashes stuff up

Join The Death Race

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Universal has unleashed the first trailer for Death Race, the big budget semi-remake of 1975 Stallone pic Death Race 2000. You can watch it here.

Now, say what you like about Paul WS Anderson, but that is a good trailer. Sure, the dialogue doesn't often sound like anything real people would say, but it has everything a fun teaser should have: lots of fast cars, stuff blowing up, a slinky girl, and Jason Statham hitting someone with a tea tray.

In the new look Death Race a prison boss (Joan Allen) has devised a bloody game in which her inmates race against each other in heavily armed vehicles to either win their freedom or lose their lives. Jason Statham is the obligatory 'man in jail for a crime he didn't commit' who must fight for justice and bring the tyrannical prison guards to account. It's really much like The Shawshank Redemption in so many ways. In fact, it may be difficult to tell the two apart.

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