John Moore Talks The Last Mission

Exclusive: Flight of the Phoenix director talks his new flick

by Willow Green |
Published on

2005 has thus far been, if we're entirely honest, a bit dull for us fun-lovin' types here at Empire. Until today, that is, when we strolled into a top London hotel, plonked ourselves down on a chair next to top Hollywood helmer John Moore, and started gabbing away. We had a grand old time, we did, chatting about this, that and the other, including the Dundalk-born director's cracking adventure flick Flight Of The Phoenix, which opens in the UK on February 25. You can read all about that next month, but as so often happens with these things, we got round to asking Moore about his mooted next project, the rather intriguing The Last Mission. "I'm in extensively advanced talks," he told Empire. "It's a good story about a bloke who has to rescue his daughter when she's kidnapped in the Philippines. But he's a Vietnam-era Navy Seal, and he realises that the US Government won't do anything because they want to see her beheaded on Al-Jazeera, 'cos it's good for business, so he has to go 'fuck this'." And by 'fuck this', Moore means our hero recruits his former Vietnam buddies, and heads on off to the jungle to kick some ass and get his daughter back. And if you're thinking 'hang on a mo, that plot sounds a little like that dumb but thoroughly enjoyable 80s action flick, Uncommon Valour, in which Vietnam vet Gene Hackman recruits his old army buddies to rescue his POW son after the US Government wipes their hands of the incident', well, the funny thing is

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