John Landis Joins The Real Men

First film in six years follows an American football game

by Willow Green |
Published on

You may not have noticed, but John Landis has been absent from the director's chair (although not from our hearts) for some time now. His last theatrical release was Blues Brothers 2000, released way back in 1998 in the dark days before the turn of the Millennium, when pop-based reality shows were but a twinkle in Simon Cowell's eye and none of us had heard of Paris Hilton. Sure, there was that cameo as a doctor in Spider-Man 2, but it's still been a long time since the glory days of Kentucky Fried Movie and Three Amigos!. Well, now he's back. Real Men is another on the long list of forthcoming sports movies, but this one has a bit more than touchdowns on its agenda. The story follows an impromptu American football game that attracted national media attention. Why, we hear you cry? Well, because one side were gay, and the other side were straight. And so the essentially pointless question of whether gay men or straight men are better at wearing jock straps and shoulder pads and kicking a ball about was tackled, literally. And the results? Well, we wouldn't want to spoil it for you. But, given that this is Landis, expect some comedy along the way and hopefully not too many of the usual cliches. We want crotch-scratching, beer-swilling gays and Judy Garland loving straight guys, dagnabbit. Let's hope that this puts the spectre of the straight-to-video Susan's Plan to rest.

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