John Carpenter to perform UK gigs next Halloween

John Carpenter

by Chris Hewitt |
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How are you spending to spend next Halloween? Dressed up as something unspeakable, most likely. But if you’re anything like Empire, you’ll be spending it in the company of arguably the greatest composer-director in the history of movies: John Carpenter.

The horror master (that’s not just us saying that - that’s his Twitter handle: @TheHorrorMaster) will be coming to the UK next October to headline All Tomorrow’s Parties increasingly popular Halloween gigs, Release The Bats.

Carpenter, of course, has composed the scores for many of his movies, including Dark Star, Assault On Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, Prince Of Darkness, Christine, Halloween III, and, as they say on K-Tel ads, many, many more.

A whizz with a keyboard and synthesizer set-up, he’s long claimed that his career as a composer was accidental, that he fell into scoring duties on many of his films because nobody else was around/available/as cheap. Whatever the truth, what is undeniable is that he has conjured up some of the most chilling, insidious earworms in movie history.

John Carpenter

His first UK gig will be in The Albert Hall in Manchester on October 29, before the spooktacular extravaganza that will be his Halloween gig in London, at The Troxy. Yes, the man who composed the theme tune to Halloween will be playing on Halloween. He’ll also be showcasing tracks from his brilliant solo album, John Carpenter’s Lost Themes, and some new compositions. Bring your inside-out William Shatner masks, it’s going to be special.

Tickets for what we’re calling John Carpenter’s Halloween Funkdown are on sale now: Manchester tickets are here, and London tickets can be purchased here.

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