Jodie’s Stalker Sadness

Foster felt guilty after Reagan shooting

by Willow Green |
Published on

After years of silence,** Jodie Foster** has talked about her feelings regarding the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr, a Foster fan who became obsessed with the actress after seeing her in Taxi Driver. The Times reports today that Foster, speaking to the CBS programme 60 Minutes said she felt guilty about the incident, which left one of Regan's security staff crippled.

"My life was hurt and changed", she said, "but nothing like that of [security officer] Jim Brady." The notoriously private actress was an 18-year-old Yale student when Hinckley shot Reagan and three of his staff outside Washington DC's Hilton Hotel. She explained that she had thought she could remain anonymous, but that Brady's injuries made her feel 'guilty about everyone else.' She added " I felt bad that I, you know, had to drag everyone else through it in my life."

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