JJ Abrams planning space TV drama Glare

J.J. Abrams

by James White |
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His big screen work might keep him from being directly involved in creating TV shows these days, but J.J. Abrams is still a prolific producer, helping to shepherd other peoples' work to screens, most recently and successfully with Westworld. His Bad Robot company is staying in business with HBO, putting a space drama called Glare into development.

It's still at an embryonic stage and details are scarce, but it'll apparently be a story about humans struggling to colonise a new planet. The creative mind behind this one is Javier Gullón, who wrote Enemy for Denis Villeneuve to direct. Gullón will work on the pilot script and executive produce the show should it go to series.

Heading into space has always been a compelling subject for movies and shows, and there are several competing projects either in development or already on the air. And given his success with both Star Trek and Star Wars, you can see why people would trust Abrams to help bring new spacefaring drama to our screens.

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