Jim Henson Idea Man Trailer: Ron Howard’s Touching Documentary About The Muppet Maestro

Jim Henson Idea Man (trailer grab)

by James White |
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Jim Henson was certainly a one-of-a-kind genius, a creative, childlike spirit who lived to bring more joy into the world. But with his growing fame thanks to the likes of his work with The Muppets and his various movies, his life became much more complicated. Now Ron Howard is bringing his story to our screens via a new Disney+ original documentary called Jim Henson Idea Man. Watch the trailer below, but don't blame us if it starts getting dusty in the immediate vicinity…

With contributions from friends, family, key collaborators such as Frank Oz and some who appeared in his work (including Rita Moreno and Jennifer Connelly), this promises to warmly remember the man behind Kermit and co. (or under, in the legendary frog's case) while not forgetting the other sides of the man who described his work as "an every moment of one's life sort of job."

Even as son Brian and other family members recall how Henson's success affected his relationships (and health, given that he died in 1990 aged 53), there's plenty to make fans smile (also possibly tear up given the weaponised use of 'The Rainbow Connection').

Jim Henson Idea Man lands on Disney+ on 31 May.

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