Jim Broadbent Heads For The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle

Jim Broadbent

by James White |
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Robert Downey Jr. appears committed to swapping his Tony Stark togs for some period clothing – sorry, Sherlock Holmes fans, not the detective's – developing a new take on Dr. Dolittle called The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle. The cast is quickly coming together and Jim Broadbent is the latest addition.

Stephen Gaghan is directing this one for Universal after re-writing a script that began life with Tom Shepherd. The new film will adapt the work of Hugh Lofting, who created the eccentric doctor who claims he can talk to animals for a series of children's books in the 1920s. There are no confirmed plot details, but that title suggests our animal-chatting hero will be doing some travelling.

Dunkirk's Harry Collett is also in the cast, though we don't know what either he or Broadbent will be doing. A much bigger question is, given the presence of animals and now Broadbent in the movie, will this allow our Chris to utilise his impression of the man saying, "A little bear" until he drops from exhaustion?

Robert Downey Jr. Will Be Doctor Dolittle

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