Jesus Christ – Superstar

by Willow Green |
Published on

According to the LA Times, the LA Chamber of Commerce is extremely upset with a church that's located just around the corner from the famous Walk of Fame - that much-beaten path with the stars' names on it in big pink... well, stars. The Oasis Christian Center (and there's a pop-star joke in there somewhere) has unveiled its own star which looks remarkably similar. The church's star is labelled "The Son of God." Apparently the church were hoping to create a Walk of Faith. Not according to the Chamber of Commerce, they're not. The Chamber, which oversees the Walk of Fame, believes the Jesus star is a trademark violation. "There is nothing wrong with creating a Walk of Faith or with the church honoring Jesus," said their statement. "The question is whether they should have created a star similar to ours without first checking with us. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a registered trademark, and we are obligated to protect it." It's hoped the matter will be solved without going to court.

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