It’s Jessica Chastain Vs. Colin Farrell In The Ava Trailer

Jessica Chastain in Ava

by James White |
Published on

If you knew Jessica Chastain was an international assassin, would you challenge her? If you're Colin Farrell in the filmAva, the answer to that dangerous question is apparently a rousing "yes". See the trailer for the thriller below...

Following a troubled development history (original writer/director Matthew Newton was ditched after domestic violence allegations surfaced, and was replaced by Tate Taylor, though Newton's name remains on the film's script credit), Ava has been retitled from the original Eve and is now headed our way this year.

Chastain plays the titular Ava, an assassin employed to off high profile targets for a mysterious organisation. But her handler and colleagues – which include John Malkovich and Farrell – are starting to worry that she's talking too much to her potential victims. And then her latest job goes very wrong, which leads her into conflict with everyone she knows. And if you want to know almost every other beat from the movie, just watch that trailer, which seems determined to cram the entire story in.

With Common, Jess Weixler and Geena Davis also in the cast, Ava is without a firm UK release date yet.

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