Jessica Biel Gets Engaged

Premarital raunch-com. Waheey! etc.

Jessica Biel Gets Engaged

by Owen Williams |
Published on

She's currently stomping around in a leather trenchcoat as the Faceman's military ex-squeeze in The A-Team, but soon after that, Jessica Biel will be shedding some layers for a "raunchy" rom-com. At the moment it's called Fucking Engaged, but we'd put money on that changing, even with asterisks.

The premise is that Biel and her fiance, facing their wedding day and terrified of turning into their boring parents, vow to make sweet luuurve every single day until the big event. So, what, they're just going to stop afterwards?

This sounds a bit like Let's Do It, Annie and Doug Brown's book, published last year, about reigniting the spark in their marriage by having sex every day for 100 days. Except that Annie and Doug had been married for thirteen years, while Biel and whoever won't have hitched the knot yet. According to Variety it's an original screenplay by playwright and improv comedienne Julia Brownell, developed in cahoots with Garden State's producer Dan Halstead. The cash comes from FilmNation Entertainment, who are also behind The Road.

Snigger, if you will, that, in addition to Fucking Engaged,** Biel is also the star of David O'Russell's much-delayed **Nailed.

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