Jennifer Aniston Goes Traveling

With Aaron Eckhart, for a rom-drama

Jennifer Aniston Goes Traveling

by Helen O'Hara |
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Jennifer Aniston is joining Aaron Eckhart in Traveling, the story of a self-help guru who realises that he needs a bit of help himself after all. While the premise sounds like a comedy (and you might expect some laughs, given that both leads can induce a giggle when called upon) this is more dramatic territory and not just another rom-com.

Aniston plays a floral designer (stay with us) who works in a Seattle hotel where Eckhart's self-help guru is giving a talk about coping with grief. As she gets to know him she, as Variety puts it, "factors heavily into the guru's realisation that he practises none of the principles he preaches". In other words, and in non psycho-babble English, she helps him realise he's a mess who hasn't gotten over his wife's death.

So there's potential for good drama there, if no guarantee of it - remember, Aniston dialled it back very well in The Good Girl and, to a lesser extent, **Friends With Money **so there's no reason this shouldn't be smart and emotional and serious.

Newcomer Brandon Camp is directing, from a script by Camp and Mike Thompson. Filming's due to start early next year, giving Aniston time to shoot her supporting role in He's Just Not That Into You. She was also due to star in Marley & Me with Owen Wilson, but that's been pushed back to spring at the earliest.

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