Jemaine Clement Confirms What We Do In The Shadows Sequel

Werewolf-focused follow-up in the works

Jemaine Clement Confirms What We Do In The Shadows Sequel

by Owen Williams |
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They were, you'll recall, "werewolves, not swear-wolves", and it's looking as if we may well see more of Rhys Darby's Anton and his attendant pack of polite lycanthropes in the not too distant future. Jemaine Clement has confirmed that a sequel to his and Taiki Waititi's vampire mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows is "in the planning stages".

It's only the smallest of asides - and not a direct quote - in an interview with Clement in the Seattle Times, so it's perhaps not quite time to get too excited. But any indication of another visit to the Shadows is welcome in our grimoire.

It's also not the only Shadows follow-up currently being talked about. Just last week, Clement was also talking to the AV Club about a TV spin-off called Police Ten 7, centred on the pair of easily-manipulable cops from the film, played by Mike Minogue and Karen O'Leary.

"We've pitched a show for those two cops in New Zealand and we've made a mini-pilot," says Clement. "At the moment it's a paranormal activity division of the New Zealand police department. But we've already been told before we even handed it in that there's no money for comedy and that TVNZ tried to make a comedy about a real estate agent and it didn't go very well. But we still handed it in."

Sadly, the more recent interview spends some considerable time lamenting the dearth of comedy on New Zealand television - "they have no interest in making comedy at all" - so that may well already be one for the might-have-been file.

Clement's People Places Things came out in the US last Friday, but doesn't have a UK date so far. He's also part of Steven Spielberg's Roald Dahl adaptation The BFG; has a series of "one-off, short films" percolating at HBO with Waititi; and says he'll be touring again with Bret McKenzie at some point as Flight Of The Conchords. "The TV show was a lot of stress," he says, "but the touring's pretty fun..."

For more What We Do In The Shadows nonsense, you could do worse than head over to our classic interview.

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