Jaume Collet-Serra Now Circling In The Deep

He's the new candidate to direct the shark thriller

Jaume Collet-Serra Now Circling In The Deep

by James White |
Published on


While it looked back in March like Now You See Me**’s Louis Leterrier would be diving into shark survival thriller In The Deep, it would seem he’s decided to stay on dry land for now. Instead, Deadline reports that Non-Stop**/** Run All Night **man Jaume Collet-Serra is interested in dipping his toes in the briny stuff instead.

Anthony Jaswinski’s script sparked a lot of interest from the studios last autumn, and Sony was quick to snap it up. The fictional tale finds a surfer attacked by a shark at a lonely sea spot who ends up bleeding and marooned on a buoy in the ocean. Her main problem, besides the blood loss? The hungry creature is still gliding through the water around her, cutting her off from help. Producers Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem of freshly-formed Weimaraner Republic Pictures are behind the project they’re calling “127 Hours meets Jaws”.

Collet-Serra, who is mostly known here for his collaborations with Liam Neeson, could find this one a nice change of pace, but don’t count on it just yet – he hasn’t made a deal. And he does have other projects trying to win his attention, including the long-gestating live-action Akira remake and novel series adaptation Sniper Elite.


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