Jason Patric Has Powers

He'll police superpowered types on TV

Jason Patric Has Powers

by James White |
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Given that his film career has enjoyed a few highs here and there (Narc, The Thin Red Line, last year’s scene-stealing turn as a villain in The Losers) and some serious lows (Speed 2: Cruise Control, anyone?), Jason Patric might be thinking that TV could bring him something new. So he’s signed on as the lead for the adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis/Michael Avon Oeming comic book Powers.

Set in a world where superpowers are much more common but never quite mundane, Powers focuses on Christian Walker, a cop walking the beat for the "Powers" department of the local police force. He used to be a superhero named Diamond, but after losing his abilities, he uses his contacts within the powered community to help him solve crimes. Lucy Punch – currently sparring with Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher – is aboard to play his partner, Deena Pilgrim, a woman who has her own ties to those with special abilities.

US cable channel FX, which brought the world The Shield and Sons Of Anarchy, has ordered up a pilot based on the first story in the superb series, in which superpowered celebrity Retro Girl is murdered. While superhero stories haven’t always worked on TV, we’re hopeful for this one, especially since head writer Charles H. Eglee used to work on The Walking Dead and director Michael Dinner, who works on Justified and helped launch Sons, is calling the shots on the pilot.

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