Jason Momoa Prepares For A Headshot

Stallone vs Conan!

Jason Momoa Prepares For A Headshot

by Owen Williams |
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After** Conan the Barbarian**, A Game of Thrones and Stargate: Atlantis, Jason Momoa looks set to finally trade in his barbarian sandals for some more urban attire. Momoa should shortly be arriving on the set of Walter Hill's **Headshot, where he'll be exchanging fire with Sylvester Stallone and Sung Kang.

We're still calling it Headshot in the absence of an official title, but whatever the name, it's the thriller about the cop and the hitman who join forces to take on the killer of their respective partners. Stallone is the assassin, Kang is the copper (replacing Thomas Jane), and Momoa will be playing Keegan, the villain of the piece. It's a chance for him to chew some scenery in a more down-to-Earth setting than he's currently used to. Or at least, as down-to-Earth as a Stallone action pic can be...

Not-Headshot is based on the French Bullet To The Head comics series by Alex "Matz" Nolent and Colin Wilson, and as previously reported, is action-maestro Hill's first cinematic outing since 2002. Shooting starts imminently in Louisiana, after which Momoa plans to head down Mexico way for his post-apocalyptic water-shortage actioner The Samurai.

Conan is out on August 26.

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