Jared Leto Takes Aim At Bloodshot

Jared Leto

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After the ribbing he took for his portrayal of The Joker in Suicide Squad, Jared Leto would be forgiven for thinking twice about comic book adaptations. He seems undeterred however, entering talks to star in Sony's Bloodshot.

The movie based on the 1992 Valiant Comics title, created by Kevin VanHook, Yvel Guichet, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. It follows Angelo Mortalli, a former mob hit man double-crossed by the family and framed for murder. Taken into witness protection, he’s betrayed again, this time by the FBI agent who was assigned to guard him, and kidnapped as part of a secret government program. His mind is wiped clean (so they think) and he’s infused with nanites to turn him into a super soldier with inhuman strength and healing ability.

Of course, something goes a bit wrong and he escapes. With just fragments of his memories remaining, he goes looking for those who wronged him and tries to figure out exactly who he is… The plan is for the movie to spawn at least one sequel and eventually lead to a crossover with the Harbinger series, itself still in development.

The movie has been through several potential directors since it was set up in 2012, including Matthew Vaughn, who remains attached as a producer. Dave Wilson, Deadpool director Tim Miller's Blur Studios partner, is the current incumbent of the job.

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