Jamie Foxx Says Welcome To The Jungle

He’ll produce and star in a new ‘toon

Jamie Foxx Says Welcome To The Jungle

by James White |
Published on

Jamie Foxx is getting into the animation business, planning to produce and star in Welcome To The Jungle for 20th Century Fox.

Based on an idea by Foxx and writer Malcolm Spellman, the project is being kept under lock and key for now, because clearly it’s such a brilliant concept that you just know those villains from DreamWorks and Pixar would kill to get their hands on it. Or maybe Foxx just hates spoilers. Or maybe it's a remake of that film with Seann William Scott and The Rock, and he just doesn't want to spoil the surprise (probably not, though).

"I'm psyched about Welcome To The Jungle because it's specifically built to utilize Jamie's talent with voices and as a musician," Spellman tells Variety. Aha! A clue! Sounds like it’ll boast a heavy musical element. And with Foxx also writing the music, we’ve no doubt. Next we expect to hear he’ll be providing the meals for the animators as they bring the tale to life…

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