James Wan Producing Sci-Fi Pic Hunting Season

James Wan

by James White |
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In addition to being a busy filmmaker himself, James Wan has become something of a prolific producer, shepherding films in franchises he kicked off and picking other interesting potential movies that could benefit from his input. The latest film to bear his Atomic Monster company's name is an adaptation of Frank M. Robinson's time travel tale Hunting Season.

John Wick franchise writing regular Derek Kolstad is figuring out the finer points of adapting Robinson's story for Wan and another producer, Don Murphy.

Originally published in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine back in 1951, Season follows a law officer from the future who is declared an enemy of the state and sentenced to be executed by being sent to the past and stalked by a posse. The man has three days to acclimate to his new era and a find a way to survive. It's all very The Running Man (though it obviously arrived before even the 1982 novel that film was based on), and sounds like a fun concept for a thriller.

Wan seems unlikely to end up directing it – he'll be busy with the Aquaman sequel, among other things – and his next film, Malignant is going through remote-work post-production, but doesn't yet have an assigned release date.

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