James Mangold Teases Possible Black & White Version Of Logan

Hugh Jackman in Logan

by James White |
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While Mad Max: Fury Road has been the highest-profile black and white (well, black & chrome) conversion job in recent memory, it would appear that Logan director James Mangold is considering a similar treatment for the new Wolverine film.

Mangold Logan B&W Tweet

Per his response to a fan question on Twitter, he's apparently already working on that. Whether this means he's actually figuring out the conversion or trying to persuade 20th Century Fox of its validity, it's certainly more concrete when the actual director of the film says he's pushing for it.

And Logan, which stalks into cinemas today in the UK and on Friday in the States, seems ripe for that sort of look (and we don't just mean people turning the colour off on their TV sets, to preempt the thousand snarky replies). Given the beautiful black and white photography Mangold has tweeted during and after shooting, and the movie's more mournful, serious tone, we can certainly see it working in monochrome.

Of course, there's nothing official yet, so we'll have to wait and see whether it comes to pass. Claws crossed?

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