James Gunn Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy 3D

'The changing aspect ratios are part of the storytelling'

Guardians Of The Galaxy

by Phil de Semlyen |
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With his addition to the Marvelverse less than two months away from cinemas, director James Gunn has taken to his Facebook page to elaborate on Guardians Of The Galaxy's use of 3D. Lest anyone assume the post-conversion process will result in a **Clash of The Titans **scenario, where panic-inducing deadlines and an ill-executed conversion left Louis Leterrier with a red face, Gunn wants to make clear that his conversion is a proper one, using the latest in convertifying technology, and he's been "actively involved" in ensuring the 3D is "spectacular and immersive without being silly, distracting, or overly showy".

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Post by James Gunn.

While there's an ill-disguised dig at "other directors" who have allowed their films to slope through a sloppy post-conversion process - perhaps a little unfair, considering the demand for these is rarely director-driven - the meat of Gunn's post concerned Guardians' use of different aspect ratios, presumably with added widescreen effects, in IMAX 3D. "I've personally chosen all the places where the changes occur", he explains, "and, again, I love how it's coming along. The changing aspect ratios in this case are actually a part of the storytelling."

For a better idea of what this might mean for the viewing experience, [head over to the Film Studies 101's Beginner's Guide To Aspect Ratios](http://www.empireonline.com/features/film-studies-101-aspect-ratiost-ratios). For a closer look at Guardians Of The Galaxy, rewatch the trailer below or read Empire's breakdown here.



Guardians Of The Galaxy **arrives in UK cinemas on July 31.

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