James Foley Directing Alcatraz

James Foley

by James White |
Published on

Having spent the last couple of years making movies about people who like to use handcuffs for fun, you might think Fifty Shades Darker/Freed director James Foley would be tired of them. Apparently not, as he's now attached to prison drama Alcatraz.

Nothing to do with the short-lived mystery series of the same name, this is another fact-based tale of a – spoiler alert! – initially successful attempt to flee the famous prison off the coast of San Francisco.

The 1962 case involved prisoners Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, and Frank Morris, who tucked heads made out of soap wax resembling their own likenesses into their beds, broke out of the main prison building via an unused utility corridor, and departed Alcatraz Island aboard an improvised inflatable raft.

There has yet to be conclusive proof that they actually made it across the bay alive, nor have their bodies ever been found. The US Marshals are keeping the case file active and the three escapes' names remain on the Most Wanted List.

The Grey's Ian Mackenzie Jeffers wrote the script, but there are no details about when it'll start shooting.

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