Jake Gyllenhaal Will Face An Enemy

Co-starring... Jake Gyllenhaal?

Jake Gyllenhaal Will Face An Enemy

by James White |
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Jake Gyllenhaal might not be hitting the road for Motor City, but it would appear that he is close to locking down a new job, as he’s in negotiations to star in An Enemy for director Denis Villeneuve.

Javier Gullon has adapted Jose Saramago’s novel The Double for the film, which finds Gyllenhaal as a depressed, dysfunctional history teacher who decides to watch a video one night at home He’s not particularly impressed, but things take a stranger turn when he wakes up to find the film replaying on his TV and a man who looks exactly like him – actually, like he did five years earlier – on screen.

Though the apparent doppelganger isn’t credited on the film, our hero decides to track him down, kicking off a series of bizarre events that affect both their lives.

If he takes the role, Gyllenhaal will play both roles, so he’d better be ready for lots of time spent acting against himself...

This is not the first project **Incendies **director Villeneuve has been linked to in recent days – he’s also developing kidnap drama Prisoners, with Hugh Jackman lined up to star. But since he has to wait for Jackman to be available, chances are he’ll make Enemy first.

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