Jake Gyllenhaal Starring In Speedboat Heist Thriller Cut And Run

Jake Gyllenhaal

by James White |
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Given that he's spent time recently being jostled about in a vehicle for Michael Bay's heist thriller Ambulance, you might think Jake Gyllenhaal would want to steer clear of high speed pursuits and heists for a while. You'd be wrong! He's signed on to star in Cut And Run, which combines both those things.

Eagle Eye writer John Glenn came up with the concept as a spec script, which New Republic won in a bidding war. The story will track a group of thieves who use high-powered speedboats to rob super-yachts. Their caper takes a turn when they steal the wrong thing from the wrong group of people. We can already see a tie-in with Succession ultra-rich types.

Gyllenhaal will produce as well as starring and the hunt is on (presumably not in a boat) for a director.

And yes, we made it all the way through the news story without mentioning scarves or a certain popular sing... curses!

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