Jackson And Blomkamp On District 9

Ex-Halo director gets second chance

Jackson And Blomkamp On District 9

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Neil Blomkamp has said, in no uncertain terms, that he is off the Halo movie. He's also said the Halo movie itself is off, but Microsoft say they're looking for a new studio. Anyway, Blomkamp has been given a second bite of the moviemaking cherry by Peter Jackson, who was going to produce Halo.

Blomkamp will direct the live-action sci-fi District 9, which Jackson will produce. In vague terms, that's not a million miles from Halo – or even more than a couple of streets, actually – so he should be putting some of the ideas he developed for that movie to use.

There are no story details on District 9, which Blomkamp wrote, as yet, but it will be shooting in South Africa, where the director grew up.

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