Jackman Talks X3 And Wolverine

Mo' money mo' comicbook violence

Jackman Talks X3 And Wolverine

by Willow Green |
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Our favourite feral fighter Wolverine is getting some new moves! His alter-ego, Hugh Jackman has gossiped to Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming roles in **X-Men 3 **and the will-it-won’t-it solo pic Wolverine, and Brett Ratner unbelievers could well be surprised:

According to the Brylcreemed one, budget increases mean more of Wolvie’s signature fighting style could be brought over from the comics: ”We tried to incorporate a little more of some of the artwork of the comics into Wolverine's fighting style. I was very adamant at the beginning in 1 and* *2 - I used to watch tapes of Mike Tyson - and I was like, I don't want it to be pretty. I don't want it to be martial arts. I don't want him to be anything other than, like, a street fighter. He doesn't fight for the sake of fighting. If he can take someone's head off in the first punch, he'll take it off.”

Oooh, you big strong man you. And it’s not just Wolverine who’s going to benefit from increased funds: “There's a lot of things we really tried to get in 1 and 2 which - I don't mean to be blunt - were just real expensive and we couldn't get them in until 1 and 2 were so successful. So there's some sequences there that the fans - if you go to that midnight screening on the first night, they'll just be going ballistic. There's some specific choreography, famous fighting moves, that we use in this movie that we haven't been able to do before.”

So far so tantalising, but c’mon Hugh, is Wolverine going to happen? Jackman’s optimistic: ”I'm into it. We're actually working on a script…I love playing the part. I think it's the best part going around. I may be biased, but I think there's so much still to be mined, still to be learned from that [character]. I think it will stand up to a feature-length movie. And we've had some really amazing interests from some great filmmakers and great writers also really intrigued by the character.”

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