Jackie Chan Injured On Rush Hour Set

A stunt goes slightly awry

Jackie Chan Injured On Rush Hour Set

by Willow Green |
Published on

Oh, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie… Yes, Mr Chan has gone and injured himself again. Following an incident in March when the 52-year-old martial arts legend was accidentally kicked by a stuntman wearing the wrong shoes (there are right ones to be kicked in the chest with?) on the set of Rob-B-Hood, he’s had problems with his chest.

But to add injury to, well, injury, he’s just been struck - by a steel-reinforced table, no less – while working on Rush Hour 3. "I was in a lot of pain because it was in the same spot where I had gotten hurt before' he explains on his website.

Apparently he’s free of broken bones or organ damage this time, though as we all know, this isn’t his first (or even his 20th) injury. And of course, he was quickly back at work. Now, why couldn’t it have been Chris Tucker suffering a vocal chord injury that would force him to complete the film entirely in mime?

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