Jackass 3 In The Works

Testicles will be harmed in making this

Jackass 3 In The Works

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Steve-O, he of the leopard print thong and gleeful public urination, has told slashfilm that there will be a third Jackass film and that shooting is set to start very soon.

It's not surprising, given the massive profitability of the first two films. Jackass: The Movie cost $5million and made $79million worldwide. Jackass: Number Two cost $11.5million and made $85million. That's some pretty good investment, even if each film does render most of its stars very unlikely to ever have more children or, indeed, shame.

"I've been told to rest up for Jackass 3, which will start shooting in January," Mr O told slashfilm. It's not yet clear whether the likes of Johnny Knoxville or Chris Pontius will return.

So, are you excited to see another Jackass movie? Are there many more ways for a man's squishy bits to be mangled?

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