Humans And Aliens Go To War In Apple TV+’s Invasion Season 2 Trailer

Invasion Season 2

by Jordan King |
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The war of the worlds is upon us, folks! No, we’re not talking about those remarkable testimony remarks about UFOs and ‘non-human biologics’ coming out of the US. Rather, the trailer for season two of The War Of The Worlds-inspired Apple TV+ series Invasion is upon us. And, after a (very) slow-burning start, it looks like the ‘exciting crescendo’ we were hoping for in our Season 1 review may well be on its way. Check out the trailer below to see what we mean:

The intercontinental first series of Invasion introduced us to Shamier Anderson, Golshifteh Farahani, Sam Neill, Firas Nassar and Shioli Kutsuna as characters across the globe variously dealing with crop circles, explosions, unidentified pulsating objects, radio-silent spacecraft, and metal rain. It was all very intriguing, and the emphasis on the human everyday was stylistically interesting, even if the run of episodes as a whole was just a little unexciting. This time out however, as we see in this first trailer, contact has been made and it looks like the aliens are up for a scrap. Luckily however, so are we!

Our first look at Season 2 begins with a narration informing us that it’s been 121 days since the aliens invaded, humanity’s losses already racking up as we see streets on fire and missing persons posters – one of which features Sam Neill’s Sheriff John Bell Tyson. From there, we see Arrival-reminiscent efforts to communicate with the aliens, Annihilation-esque shimmery portals to who-knows-what-or-where, and scenes of what can only be described as evil symbiote soot-sprites running rampant while apache helicopters fly overhead. It would be safe to say, based on present evidence, that it’s all kicking off.

Joining the returning principal cast for Season 2 are new regulars Enver Gjokaj, Nedra Marie Taylor and Naian González Norvind. Showrunners and series co-creators Simon Kinberg and David Weil remain at the helm, whilst Audrey Chon, David Witz, Alik Sakharov, Andrew Baldwin, and Katie O'Connell Marsh serve as executive producers. Invasion Season 2 premieres on Apple TV+ on 23 August, with new episodes dropping weekly after that. Hopefully, it won’t turn out to be a pre-documentary to our impending real-world extra-terrestrial encounters.

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