Interstellar’s David Gyasi stars in new trailer for noir thriller Panic

David Gyasi in Panic

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Poor David Gyasi is right up against it in his new, London-set thriller Panic. Half-witnessing what seems to be a murder in an apartment across the way, he’s sucked in to a deadly game of cat and, well, even bigger and more violent cat. Check out the new trailer below.

Redolent of D.J. Caruso’s Disturbia, this one takes its cues from Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window. Gyasi fills the Jimmy Stewart role – albeit with more mobility – as a music journalist called Andrew Deeley.

Deeley's scars are internal: he’s just been badly beaten and is nursing some psychological wounds, which semi-explains his Peeping Tom habit of watching his neighbours from his window. When one of them, a beautiful Chinese woman called Kem, is kidnapped, the journo is forced to embark on a one-man crusade to rescue her.

Panic poster

A different kind of man-on-a-mission movie to his last outing Interstellar, Panic should showcase Gyasi’s chops in an unflinching action role. The synopsis promises Chinese triads and some Oldboy-style hammer usage.

The debut of British filmmaker Sean Spencer, Panic is out in the UK on 18 November.

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