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Maths prodigy biopic planned

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Good Will Hunting and A Beautiful Mind proved that if you add a good story, people will watch films about talented mathematicians.

Lucky, then, that the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan already comes with a cracking story built-in. And the Edward R Pressman Film Corporation has acquired the rights to film that story.

Based on Robert Kanigel’s 1991 biography titled The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life Of The Genius Ramanujan, the film will trace the math prodigy’s incredible journey from the slums of India to Cambridge University during World War One. Under the guidance of mentor GH Hardy, Ramanujan created some of the world’s most advanced mathematical theories.

The Pressman Corp has hired writer/director Matthew Brown to start work on the film, but he’ll have to be quick. Cambridge graduate Stephen Fry has his own Ramanujan film in the works, with Indian helmer Dev Benegal set to call the shots next year.

And yes, bonus points for anyone who spotted that Ramanujan’s story is mentioned in Good Will Hunting.

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