IMAX Cinema Opens in London

by empire |
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Pepsi has brought an IMAX theatre to London's Trocadero. At the heart of IMAX technology is a film frame that is 10 times the size of a conventional 35mm movie. It's projected onto a screen seven stories high in a specially constructed auditorium, seating 300 people. For the first time ever in the UK you can also experience astonishing IMAX 3D in "Across the Sea of Time - A New York Adventure". It is shot with a special IMAX 3D camera which incorporates two full camera movements into one housing, using two rolls of film and two lenses. The left and right eye films are projected simultaneously onto the giant screen. As you enter the theatre, you are given a special headset with liquid crystal shutters activated by infrared sensors, each opening and closing 48 times per second so that each eye only sees one of the moving images. The brain is tricked into seeing a startlingly real 3D image. Each headset also features a built-in personal sound system, IMAX* PSE* (Personal Sound Environment) that complements the theatre's six channel soundtrack, and provides an amazing all-round 3D sensory experience. Free tickets are available until Sunday 11 January 1998 at

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