Idris Elba In Talks For Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Film

He could be Bedivere


by James White |
Published on

Despite relatively brief screen time, Idris Elba certainly made an impact donning armour and wielding a sword in the Thor films. So the idea of him going the chainmail route for Guy Ritchie’s planned new take on King Arthur has plenty of appeal. Good news, then, that he’s in talks for the film.

In what is currently being called **Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur **(what is it with Warner Bros. and chunky titles at the moment?), Elba is wanted to play not Arthur himself, but a version of Bedivere, who is credited in many of the interpretations of Arthurian legend as a noble and loyal member of the King’s knights. In Ritchie’s take – which features a script by **Edge Of Tomorrow **producer Joby Harold – he’s apparently an older, wiser warrior and a right-hand man to Arthur’s father who makes it his mission to train the young man for his true destiny. It'll represent a RocknRolla reunion for Ritchie and the actor.

Ritchie is still putting the pieces together on this one, and is currently on the lookout for an Arthur and the rest of the main characters. And nothing is known about how the film (or films, given that this appears to be another embryonic franchise) will deal with each part of the saga. The director may not have a locked in cast yet, but he has a release date, as Warners wants this on screen for July 22, 2016.

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