Ice Age 3 Teaser Online

Oh, the science! The poor science!

Ice Age 3 Teaser Online

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Moviefone has the first teaser for Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, here. This was leaked on the interweb a week or so ago, but this one won't give you vertigo with its handheld wobbliness.

As is tradition, this one features little fang-toothed squirrel thing Scrat (what is he, actually?) and his never-ending quest for a giant acorn. Scrat's always the best thing in the movies, so it's as gently amusing as you'd hope.

However, dinosaurs? Dinosaurs? In an Ice Age movie? We're all for suspension of disbelief and have little truck with pedantic whining about fiddled facts in movies, but that's some major scientific revisionism there. And Dawn of the Dinosaurs? By the time mammoth were lolloping across the icy plains, the dinosaurs were well past dawn. They were several million years past dawn. Even late evening was a distant memory to their poor, extinct, walnut-sized brains. We're not well-respected pre-historians, but isn't there somewhere in the region of 60 million years between the existence of T-rex and mammoth? They're not even in the same geological period, and those things are big.

What about the children who'll be watching this movie and wondering why their teacher has been lying to them about history? They might turn to creationism for answers. Do we want that? Oh, the children. Won't someone think of the children?!

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