House Of Cards Season 5 Unveils A Trailer

House Of Cards Season 5

by James White |
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"The American people don't know what's best for them," President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) says at the start of this first trailer for the fifth season of House Of Cards. "I do..." In Frank's world, the he's largely in the job for what he can get out of it. Which once seemed like such a scary — if not entirely inaccurate at any time in any country — situation, but now? Yeah... Anyway, Frank's back on our screens at the end of this month, and the new footage is here to offer a look at what's to come.

You'll (spoiler alert if you're at all behind on the series) recall that Season 4 ended up with Frank and wife Claire (Robin Wright) campaigning to return him to the White House with Claire as his freshly anointed Vice Presidential candidate. And we got that chilling moment of Claire staring right down the barrel of the camera in a way that only Frank has in the past.

We can expect the usual scheming, legal side-stepping, back-stabbing and probably some front-stabbing as the campaign against challenger Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) continues and the Underwoods lead the country into war. But even though they seem to be united, the cracks in Frank and Claire's relationship are truly beginning to show...

The new season hits Netflix on 30 May. New faces for this year include Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott.

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