Horizon Line Trailer: Allison Williams And Alexander Dreymon Must Fly Or Die In Survival Thriller – Exclusive

Horizon Line

by Ben Travis |
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In the thriller genre, you can’t beat the simplicity of a survival movie – where a character, or characters, are pitched in an impossible situation of near-constant peril, forced to think quickly and act smartly with every passing minute to ensure their continued longevity. And if you enjoyed the likes of The Shallows (Blake Lively vs. a shark!), you’ll want to get excited for Horizon Line – the new film by Michael Marcimain, which takes Get Out and Girls star Allison Williams and The Last Kingdom’s Alexander Dreymon, flies them thousands of feet in the air, and leaves them to make their own landing. They play a pair of exes who find themselves in mortal peril when the pilot flying them to an idyllic island wedding on a tiny plane suddenly carks it, and they have to complete the journey themselves. Watch the trailer exclusively here.

Looks like a real thrill-ride, right? Marcimain is directing from a screenplay by Joshua Campbell and Matthew Stuecken, who previously penned the stomach-churningly tense 10 Cloverfield Lane – so expect high stress levels throughout. Check out the stormy poster here.

Horizon Line

The good news is, there isn’t long to wait until Horizon Line hits the screen – it’s coming to UK cinemas (yes, cinemas) on 6 November. See you in the foyer (you provide the popcorn).

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