Hopkins To Play Hitchcock

Hannibal Lecter takes lead in biopic

Hopkins To Play Hitchcock

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Who better to play the Master of Suspense than the man behind cinema's scariest psycho? Hannibal Lecter, or Anthony Hopkins as he prefers to be known, has confirmed to MTV.com that he will play Alfred Hitchcock in an upcoming biopic, to be directed by Ryan Murphy (Running With Scissors).

Hopkins also told the site that the film will open with the making of Psycho. There's a video interview on the site, but we can't watch it because it's only accessible to viewers in the US (because the internet isn't a global commodity or anything, sheesh). If anyone can view it then please feel free to add any extra info in the comments section below.

Hopkins seems like a great choice for Hitchcock. He hasn't quite got that beaky, chinny look, but a few months on an all pasta diet could probably sort that out. It's also good news that Murphy's using the making of Psycho as the backdrop. If this is to delve into the director's slightly odd ways, including his (rather creepy) obsession with blondes, then Psycho seems the perfect place to do it, with stories of his leering over Janet Leigh's shower scene. Rumours are also circulating that Helen Mirren might play Hitchcock's wife.

Murphy's got the fifth season of his TV show Nip/Tuck to work on, as well as developing Dirty Tricks with Brad Pitt and Need with Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, so it may be some time before this shoots.

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