Hilary Duff Knows She Wants Me

She'll star with Charlie Sheen

Hilary Duff Knows She Wants Me

by James White |
Published on

Never fear: despite the headline, our Man In LA (hello!) has no delusions over his romantic chances with Hilary Duff (which goes double now she went and got married to a hockey player). Nope, the title merely reflects the fact that she’s just joined the cast of indie comedy** She Wants Me, which sees her joining a cast including Charlie Sheen and Josh Gad.

It’s a tangled-web, Hollywood-spoofing tale about Gad’s neurotic writer (is there any other kind?) Sam, who is deep into development on his next film. While he’s promised the lead role to his girlfriend, a struggling actress named Sammy (Kristen Ruhlin), his life suddenly becomes much more complicated when a big name starlet (Duff) starts hinting that she might take the role on. Where do Sam’s loyalties lie? With the woman he loves or the chance to get his movie seen by more people?

Sheen, in case you’re wondering, will be playing himself, which shouldn’t be a stretch given that he already been playing something close to himself on Two and a Half Men for years (not a criticism, just an observation).

Writer/director Rob Margolies will be making this his second directing job after 2008’s Lifelines and has just started the cameras cranking in LA.

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