Hemsworth Attached To Shadow Runner

Thor star up for action thriller

Hemsworth Attached To Shadow Runner

by James White |
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Since he brought the hammer down on the box office earlier this year in Thor, Chris Hemsworth has been considering a variety of follow-up opportunities. While he’s currently busy swinging Mjolnir once again for The Avengers, he’s now attached to a new Sony action thriller called Shadow Runner.

Once again we’re in shadowy territory (sorry), since neither the studio nor idea generator/ executive producer Hossein Amini is willing to let slip just what the movie’s about, though Deadline’s report on the deal makes mention that it’s been inspired by an Israeli assassination team tracking Hamas bigwig Mahmoud al Mabhouh to a hotel in Dubai and killing him. Which points to Hemsworth leading a covert team who pull off dangerous, secret missions. Yeah, that’s a concept we’ve never seen covered on film before…

There’s also no word on who else might be involved: Amini is not currently listed as the writer, though given he’s worked on the upcoming likes of Drive, Killshot, 47 Ronin and Snow White and the Huntsman, there’s every chance he’ll be in charge of the script.

Talking of the Snow White project, that’s the likely link to Hemsworth since he’s starring in the film alongside Kristen Stewart (hilariously, Variety writes that Hemsworth is “set to play one of the title roles”, which gave us a sudden, hilarious/disturbing flash of a cross-dressing version of the film with Hemsworth as Snow and Stewart as the burly hunter.)

The actor will also crop up in Red Dawn (whenever it arrives over here) and Cabin in the Woods (ditto on the floating release date).

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