Heather Graham To Star In Ex-Terminators

Black dramedy from a Scrubs director

Heather Graham To Star In Ex-Terminators

by Chris Hewitt |
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We’re not saying that Heather Graham’s career has run aground over the last few years – we’re far too classy for that. But even the quickest peek at her CV throws up titles like Miss Conception, Adrift In Manhattan and Gray Matters – movies that we think she’d be hard-pressed to remember, let alone anyone who watched them.

So it’s probably fair to say that the career of the former Rollergirl may not have run aground, but it’s certainly veered off course a tad. She hasn’t been in a big movie since 2003’s Anger Management, and that was an uncredited cameo.

In that time, though, the best thing that the vivacious and likeable blonde has done was an extended guest run on one of Empire’s favourite US sitcoms, the mighty Scrubs. And it’s to that show that she’s turned for her next movie project – a project that we hope will allow us to say, ‘Heather Graham is back back back’.

The project in question is a black dramedy called Ex-Terminators, which will be directed by John Inwood, a Scrubs veteran who directed seven episodes of the zany show but who also worked on about 88 episodes as cinematographer. Given that Scrubs is a single-camera show, this should mean that Ex-Terminators doesn’t suffer as much from the rather limited visual palette of most movies directed by former TV helmers, used to multiple cameras and an endless diet of medium close-ups.

But we digress. You want to know more about the movie, right?

Well, it stars Graham as one of three women who meet at an anger management class, and decide to form their own business – one which, it says here, uses “very untraditional methods”.

Now, judging from the title, we’re guessing that that business might be some kind of relationship agency which actually rids the earth of ex-boyfriends. Which is where the black comedy comes in.

The cast has been rounded out by the ever-excellent Jennifer Coolidge, Matthew Settle and Amber Heard. Now, obviously, with a cast like this, it’s probable that Ex-Terminators won’t exactly be busting those blocks, but we hope that, at the very least, it’s a project that might put Graham back on the map.

Shooting began last week in Austin, Texas.

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