Haunting In Connecticut Gets A Cast

Donovan, Koteas join Virginia Madsen

Haunting In Connecticut Gets A Cast

by Chris Hewitt |
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The Haunting In Connecticut, a horror film with the kind of Ronseal title movie marketers just lurve, has been shooting for the past few days in, erm, Winnipeg, Canada.

Traditionally, though, movies tend to shoot faster if they have complete casts, and so it is with great joy and relief that it was announced today that Elias Koteas, Martin Donovan and Kyle Gallner have signed on to star alongside the already in place Virgina Madsen, who must have been getting terrible lonely.

A new take on the haunted house genre, The Haunting In Connecticut revolves around a family settling into a new home, only to find that – eek! – THERE IS AN EVIL PRESENCE MOVING THE FURNITURE AROUND, TAPING OVER THEIR FAVOURITE SHOWS AND PUTTING SALT IN THE SUGAR BOWL!

Madsen will play the concerned mother, Donovan the concerned father. Gallner, a young up-and-comer who’s been bouncing around tons of TV shows for the last few years, will play the family’s cancer-ridden son, who is the first to sense the EVIL PRESENCE.

Koteas will play a priest – also a cancer sufferer – to whom the family turn for help when the EVIL PRESENCE becomes just too evil and starts flicking V signs at them behind their backs.

Actually, that’s a decent cast, albeit one that won’t pull up any trees, but the chance to see such heavy-duty actors as Madsen, Donovan and Koteas in a horror film is pretty exciting – and we have to say that we’re intrigued to see what points the film will make about the link between cancer and spirituality. If, indeed, it makes any.

The Haunting In Connecticut (not be confused with Christmas In Connecticut, not too long ago remade by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is written by Adam Simon and Tim Metcalfe, and directed by Peter Cornwell.

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