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Garfield's big screen adventure gets a director

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Orange, furry and less inclined towards physical exertion than a particularly obese sloth, he's the world's favourite crabby cat and he's coming to a screen near you. Tormentor of dogs everywhere and detractor of all things Monday, Garfield has finally found a director, with Thunderpants helmer, Peter Hewitt, who has signed up to bring the 27-pound cat to life in his feature debut. For those of you unfamiliar with the portly feline (where have you been?), Garfield is characterised by his lethargic behaviour, ill-humour and perpetual quest for food - preferably lasagne. This may not seem too far removed from the parasitic mammals that grace homes around the world (eat, sleep, scratch - what exactly are they for? Anyone?) but Garfield's particular charm lies in his wry sense of humour, biting sarcasm and general mistreatment of canine companion, Odie. The supporting cast also consists of spoilt and sickeningly cute kitten Nermal, Garfield's buck-toothed beau, Arlene and his owner, the dull-witted Jon. The film will be a live-action feature with Garfield added in glorious CGI. Given the recent 'success' of similar CG/live-action projects like Scooby Doo we're not going to hold our breath for a comedy revolution. However, with the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey director at the reigns, Toy Story scribes, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow behind the screenplay and a long and venerable history of unarguably funny newspaper strips, we might just give this cantankerous kitty the benefit of the doubt.

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