Hartnett And Rock Well Head To End Zone

The classic story of football and terror

Hartnett And Rock Well Head To End Zone

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Sam Rockwell and Josh Hartnett will be battling eyebrows in End Zone, a George Ratliff-directed adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel set in the world of Texas college football.

Hartnett will play a running back who's obsessed with all things war-related. He's also not adjusting well to the fame that his talents have brought him. Kat Dennings will play a student who grabs his attention. Rockwell will play the school's excitable publicist, apparently.

We've not read the book, but we understand that the movie tells of the juxtaposition between football and battle, with Hartnett's relationship with a (still to be cast) teacher of international terrorism at the centre. Publicists? Teachers of international terrorism? What kind of crazy school is this?

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