New TV spot for Hardcore Henry is predictably bonkers

Hardcore Henry

by John Nugent |
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Time to stock up on motion sickness tablets. Hardcore Henry is coming, and it’s being touted as the world’s first entirely first-person action movie; ahead of its release this week, we’ve been given a taste of the film’s categorically insane POV stunts from this new 30-second TV spot.

Packed into those 30 seconds are shooting, grenades, motorcycle stunts, fighting, punching, shooting, explosions, running, driving, and yet more shooting – all from the perspective of the viewer. The entire film has been shot on GoPro cameras strapped to the chin of the actors and stuntmen.

Going by this and [the full trailer](, it looks, frankly, bonkers, with comparisons made to The Raid for its hyper-kinetic action and fearless stunts. You, the viewer, technically play the title role of Henry, a cyborg soldier brought back from the dead to fight bad guys. We get the impression plot is of a secondary nature here, and in truth, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sharlto Copley and Tim Roth are among the cast members without cameras strapped to their face, and it’s being directed by Russian newcomer Ilya Naishuller, best known for similarly mad POV videos like Insane Office Escape and Bad Motherfucker. (Pick up a copy of this month’s Empire for an exclusive chat with Naishuller.)

Hardcore Henry is released in the UK this Friday, April 8, and thankfully is not in 3D, otherwise it really could get a little nauseous in the cinema aisles.

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