Happyness Director Eyes Man And Wife

Gabriele Muccino set for love story

Happyness Director Eyes Man And Wife

by Willow Green |
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Fresh off the $163 million success of The Pursuit of Happyness, (not bad for your first US studio picture) Italian director Gabriele Muccino is set to bring happyness...damnit, happiness to a whole new audience with his next film, Man And Wife.

Very few details of this next film are known, except that it is a love story set in Brooklyn and concerns an immigrant to the US who is wildly in love with his adoptive country.

Muccino has said only that, "Diving into this culture is something I've enjoyed doing, but there is nothing more universal than love, and this is about how love can wake a man up like nothing else." Hmm. Thanks to our years of working in film, we can deduce from this that it will be another American dream story that goes over incredibly well in the US, and that a certain amount of cutesiness will be involved, and that there are likely to be Manhattan-esque shots of New York from across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shooting is due to start this summer, with a script by Lorene Scafaria, who also wrote Sweet Relief, the story of a murdered aid worker in Iraq with Kirsten Dunst attached to star. There's no word on a cast for Man and Wife yet, but don't be amazed if Jaden Smith turns up to turn that cuteness factor up to 11.** **

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