The Other Guys Trailer Is Online

Ferrell & McKay's cop comedy is coming

The Other Guys Trailer Is Online

by Chris Hewitt |
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Here’s a treat good enough to keep us in the office on a balmy Friday evening: the first trailer for The Other Guys, the new cop comedy from Anchorman and Step Brothers creators Will Ferrell & Adam McKay, has just gone online.

The movie, which stars Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as two desk jockeys who become embroiled in an action-packed plot to protect Steve Coogan’s Bernie Madoff-style money launderer from assassins, is probably our most-anticipated comedy of 2010.

While the laughs may not flow as freely as the trailer for, say, Step Brothers, there’s a lot of promise here in the interplay between Ferrell and Wahlberg, glimpses of a great cast (including Rob Riggle, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson as two supercops), and the introduction of subplots such as the inexplicable attraction hot women (in this case, Eva Mendes as his wife) have towards Ferrell’s character. But there are also signs, with car chases and a neat John Woo-esque shootout in an office, that McKay is stretching himself with challenging action scenes too.

Oh, and there’s a bit where Ferrell screams like a girl, and thank God for that. There’s always a bit where Ferrell screams like a girl and if there hadn’t been, we’re not sure what we would have done.

To see the trailer for The Other Guys in HD, head to Yahoo! Movies.

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